mustafa hikmat

Owner and CEO Wiz Media Group


Hi! My name is MUSTAFA HIKMAT. CEO and Owner of Wiz Media Group The leading company in the world of media and television production And the founder of many Arab satellite television channels.

I offer e-marketing services, YouTube channel management, and consultations in developing social networking sites, with accuracy and high quality.

Youtube channel management95%
Social media marketing campaigns95%
TV channels Management97%

We are a team of developers specialized in managing YouTube channels, social networking sites, and e-marketing.

What I Do

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    TV channels Management

    My experience in establishing and managing television channels qualifies me to help you achieve the best results for establishing and managing a satellite television channel from A to Z : Studios. The latest advanced equipment, live broadcasting, TV program recording, a specialized staff in this field
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    Websites and design

    Create websites with the best designs and the best customization to suit your needs with the best designs for your brand or create a distinct visual identity, the best commercial designs, motion graphics and various design services.
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    Managing social media influencers accounts and helping content creators by providing them with the best plans to produce content and benefit commercially from these accounts and protect Their copyright and brand consulting business.
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Chicago, IL – Mr. Callaway was formerly the director of the Strategic Planning department of the world’s oldest franchise development firm, Francorp. In his role, as head of the department, he drafted and managed strategic business plans for franchising companies. He also conducted franchise feasibility studies, industry surveys, prototype development plans, and strategic analyses. As member of the Executive Board of Francorp International, Mr. Callaway was responsible for all strategic planning initiatives engaged by the Strategic Planning Departments of the 30-country network of Francorp offices.

Currently, Mr. Callaway has extensive influence in the decisions garnered by the Strategic Planning Department at Franchise Marketing Systems, as well as other departments where efficiencies are supplementary. After retaining a degree in Economics from Illinois College, Mr. Callaway received his MBA from Northern Illinois University with a focus in Entrepreneurship. Mr. Callaway has worked with major executives and companies such as former McDonald’s CEO, Ed Rensi, Founder of Gildan Activewear, Greg Chamandy, and Hershey Foods Director of New Product Development, Curt Robinson, among other business owners and CEOs. Mr. Callaway has traveled throughout North America to help facilitate the franchise goals of his diverse client-base, with specialty in retail. Previously, Mr. Callaway was Store Manager at a prominent retail chain accountable for nearly 100 employees.

Mr. Callaway is an expert in strategic planning, franchisor organizational design, royalty and franchise fee pricing strategy, managerial decision-making, and technical marketing issues. He is a skilled researcher with extensive experience in web-based applications as well as database management.


We have a group of stars, content makers and influencers on YouTube and social media

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